Types Of Furniture Stores You Can Choose When Decorating Your House (I/II)

Believe it or not, there are endless options you can choose from when decorating your home. Not only is it possible to find a variety of pieces of furniture but it is also possible to choose between the types of furniture stores. But why is this important? Well, imagine that you want to acquire a Womb chair which is recognized for being a classic piece within the mid-century style, which store do you turn to? A little difficult to answer, no? This is because it is necessary to have a brief notion of the types of store and thus not waste so much time browsing or going to different physical stores. Today we will show you

Taking the same previous example of the Womb chair, it can be purchased in two types of stores: brand and replica. Brand stores are usually venues where they only sell parts from the same manufacturer, so if you have a lot of confidence in a specific brand, you can buy furniture and accessories there. On the other hand, in replica stores you can find high-end or low-end pieces that have different materials and more affordable prices. 

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