What Designers Say About The LC2 Chair Replica & Original (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about the features of the incredible LC2 chair and we showed you one of the reviews we have brought for you. Is time to continue with the other ones!

The following review was made by Bestereviews that, as its name says, specializes in giving a very detailed and formal critic to multiple pieces. They not only talk about furniture, they also talk about health tips, and entertainment articles. So now, let’s show you a review from an LC2 chair replica.

Review of VBestReviews

“The seating surface is comprehensive, giving you enough space to adjust your position. The cushions are comfortable and relaxing when sitting. They are top quality with goose down and ultra push details. The Chair is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. It can fit in your office, hotel, or restaurant. 

So as you can see, you can get a beautiful and structurally optimal piece on a short and big budget, in case you want to know where you can find one of the best replicas and the original parts, below we have placed the names of the websites.

Cassina – Original piece.

Manhattan Home Design – Replica piece.

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