What Designers Say About The LC2 Chair Replica & Original (I/II)

The LC2 chair has become a chord and complete representation of the concepts that govern the modernist movement. Not only is it designed under the influences of modernism but its creators were pioneers in this movement, that’s why they hit the mark perfectly with this design within the world of modern furniture. This piece of leather, double cushions, and square shape has captivated users since its launch, being number 1 in many furniture stores and being considered a classic piece for minimalist living rooms and offices where elegance and functionality are the priority. Today we will digress in the comments about the LC2 chair from designers and followers or bloggers within the field of furniture or architecture design. 

So if you are looking to acquire this piece you should read what a professional has to say about it. Scroll down and see what they said!

Review of Cripsculture

This is a blog formed by professionals who focus on writing about furniture pieces, they created a very complete review about the LC2 chair and they mention the following;

“There is a very outstanding comfort and relaxed sitting offered by this chair. It also satisfies the physiological requirements of the body along with catering the aesthetic stability in mind”.

Click to read a LC2 chair replica review.

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