What Makes A Good Sofa Leather? | Knowing The Barcelona Sofa (II/II)

Note: we recommend you to check the previous part of what makes a good sofa leather.

Let’s show which more factors to consider while looking for a good quality leather sofa and finally know the Barcelona sofa!

Grain variations

A good quality leather sofa is about grain variations so If everything is very uniform, it is probably false. This specific factor is very important because even if sometimes the leather is stamped for uniformity in the grain you should find grain variations.

It may sound a bit impossible, but if you have the opportunity to try to take a look at the reverse side of the cover, normally the genuine quality leather is unfinished on the back meaning that it has no color.

Presenting the Barcelona Sofa

The Barcelona sofa we have taken as an example is the Barcelona sofa replica from Barcelona Designs. This a great option when you want high-quality materials and epic design.

The Barcelona sofa replica sits upon on polished tubular stainless steel legs and base. The Barcelona Sofa’s individual panels are then cut, hand-welted and hand-tufted with top-grain premium Italian leather all taken from a single cowhide leather piece. 

Final thoughts…

In summary, if you want to check for a good quality sofa: check the scent and the texture of the leather, verify the grain variations and check the reverse of the leather.

Comment below which is your favorite sofa leather!

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